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Situationen i Ukraine

We all stand by the people of Ukraine and support them in the ways we can.

 In this situation, it can be challenging to know the right way to act. What is correct today, might not be right tomorrow. 

ColliCare is represented in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in Eastern Europe. We do not have any own activities in Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine.
If our customers or our services are affected, we will share information.

Road transport in Europe

Many European transport companies have truck drivers from Ukraine, and many have now gone back to Ukraine to serve in the military. ColliCare also has some Ukrainian drivers, but at the moment we are not heavily affected and can solve our assignments as normal. We have information about rapidly rising fuel prices in most parts of Europe. Energy and fuel, in general, might be a problem in the time to come. 


Both Russia and USA have implemented sanctions, regulating the airspace above their countries. Russia has closed their airspace for all traffic, and the USA has closed their airspace for Russian traffic. It is to be expected this will influence both airfreight capacity in the market and airfreight prices. 

Sea services

Our short sea services are not affected by the conflict at the moment, nor sailings overseas. Major shipping lines have stopped sailings to/from Russia only. Traffic through Ukrainian ports is put on hold.  

Future updates

We will monitor the situation and how it will/can affect our customers and the transport/logistics market. This situation is very unstable, and we might be affected in ways we might not see at the moment.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or information. 
We want to assist in the best way we can.

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