When time is of the essence for you and your shipment, then you should choose air freight. By choosing air freight, you are ensured express transport of your shipments. We deliver the optimal and customised air freight service – whether you have urgent documents, foodstuff or industry components – we are ready to help your business during the entire transportation. 


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Your advantages with air freight

Demands for frequent departures and fast deliveries increases by the day, and we can easily help you move your shipment from A to B. Through us you gain access to a global air freight service, based on your individual needs. 

Choose us as your logistics provider because 

  • Educated employees who are experts in air freight 

  • Consolidation service 

  • Frequent transit times and departures all over the world

  • Customized service according to your needs

  • Handle customs clearances for all shipments 


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Jakob Nordborg

Jakob Nordborg

Managing Director Denmark