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Weight and volume calculation for domestic groupage and part-loads

Weight and volume calculation: 

The sender is responsible for that weights and dimensions are correctly specified for each consignment transported by ColliCare. The consignments total measures/weight are the basis for the calculation of the shipping cost. Incorrect measures/weights are adjusted at the sender’s expense according to applicable rates. The sender will be invoiced for such discrepancies. 


Conversion rules: 1m3 = 300kg, 1 load meter = 2000kg/7m3/2.5 pallet spaces


Conversion rules: 1m3 = 300kg, 1 load meter = 2000kg/7m3/2.5 pallet spaces

Load meter:

For goods which for some reason cannot be loaded together with other goods, due to packaging or nature, will be priced according to the load meters required. You are charged for the space used in the cargo compartment - 1 load meter corresponds to the vehicle's width and height multiplied by 1 meter (100 x 240 x250 cm).

Pallet space:

Goods that are loaded on pallets that cannot be stacked, either under or over, are priced according to the number of pallet spaces the goods occupy. A pallet space is calculated as 120 x 80cm, or 0.4 load meters which converts to 600kg.

Fixed weights (groupage only)

Unwieldy packages upon request.

Freight calculation:

All freight is calculated per registered consignment, regardless of the number of packages, and is serviced according to the specified shipping calculation. A consignment is defined in a bill of lading with a sender and a receiver of the goods, and the shipping cost calculated by the specified weight/volume


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