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ColliCare provides a wide range of freight units for road transport and containers for sea freight. Here is a summary, with dimensions and descriptions.

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road freight

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ColliCare provides a large number of vehicles of various sizes on the road at home and abroad with associated loading equipment. Here is a summary of the freight units we provide.

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2 paller
Varebil, lille
3 paller
Varebil, mellemstor
4 paller
Varebil, stor
8 paller
Lastbil, lille
12 - 15 paller
Lastbil, mellem
18 - 20 paller
Lastbil, stor
33 paller
Semitrailer, skab
34 paller
Semitrailer, presenning (gardin)
34 paller
Megatrailer, presenning (gardin)
38 pallets
Road Train
33 paller
Semitrailer, walking floor
18 paller
15 - 18 paller
19 paller
Container SDOPS

Sea freight

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ColliCare provides containers for general, special and temperature-controlled freight, and uses only containers with the highest standards for safety and quality.

Please note that the dimensions of the containers can vary according to manufacturer and production year.
33 m3
20' DC
68 m3
40' DC
76,4 m3
40' HC
79 m3
40' HCPW
86 m3
45' HC
89,2 m³
45' HCPW
28,3 m³
20' RF
67,9 m³
40' RF
83,5 m³
33 m3
20' GOH
78,9 m3
40' GOH
83,1 m³
45' PWCS
20' FR
40' FR
45' FR
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