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Direct line from Parma

– rail solution from Italy

Direct line from Parma

– rail solution from Italy

We have a direct line from Parma in Italy to Jylland and Sjælland – daily departures with only 5 days transit time makes it easy to ship fast, cheap and environmentally friendly.

Why choose rail from Italy?

  • Less expensive than road
  • Faster alternative
  • Both part and full loads
  • Short transit time
  • Complete tracking
  • Lockable train wagons increases safety
  • Flexible deliveries from the terminal
  • Environmentally friendly!! Estimates show an 82% decrease in energy consumption and an 94% decrease in CO² pollution, compared to road.

Flexible and easy accessible terminal in both Kolding and Køge
  • Flexible collection from the terminal, the goods can be stored according to agreement
  • Easy access to distribution in Norway and Sweden

Do you need import- / shipments from Italy to Norway - please contact us!​

You can book by e-mail, EDI or directly on our web site. Every parcel can be tracked electronically by PDA and a web based track & trace system - follow your goods in transit!

Do you have import-/ freight need from Italy to Denmark? Contact us!
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Managing Director Denmark

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Rail - transport for the future!
Rail - transport for the future!
ColliCare rail solution offers very competitive prices, low emission and efficient logistics.