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Sea freight

– from Far East?

Sea freight

– from Far East?

Sea freight from Asia

Cargo from Asia? Import of cargo from Asia is considerable, and the quality demands on freight and logistic services are high. The goal is to achieve on-time deliveries and profitability. 

With our offices in China and India, we have far greater control, flexibility and opportunities to offer you and your company smart solutions - with high quality.

You can find us in:

  • China
    • Shanghai
    • Xiamen
    • Yantian
  • India
    • New Delhi
  • ColliCare agent network:
    • Pakistan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

We are Asia specialists, and offer solutions that make importing:

  • Cheaper
  • Easier
  • Greener

What do you need?

  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Less than Container Load (LCL)
  • Consolidation or combined loads
  • Full control of logistics from order to delivery with eCare, a userfriendly web-based system
  • Cross Dock - the future of logistics
  • On-site quality assurance -  «Your partner in Asia»

Do you need sea freight from East? Contact us for a chat!
Sea freight in Europe
Combine sea and road transport in Europe
Combine sea and air freight from Asia
Peter Nygaard Pedersen
Operations Manager Air & Sea

Require more information about transport from Asia? 

Call us or send an email.
+45 78 74 96 30
Your co-worker in Asia
Your co-worker in Asia
ColliCare can help you find the right supplier in Aisa.
Cross docking i Asia and Europe
Cross docking i Asia and Europe
With Cross-Docking from ColliCare you save money while reducing your company’s environmental footprint. Read more about Cross-Docking here.