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eCommerce logistics

– requires a solid receiving and sending device!

eCommerce logistics

– requires a solid receiving and sending device!

Logistics for eCommerce

Delivery options
Are you operating, or planning to operate, an online shopping business towards the Scandinavian market? Then we can assist you as a solid logistics partner for your consignments to Scandinavia!

Stores and third-party (3PL) storage services 

We adapt stores operations to your delivery needs. Ecommerce businesses and digital campaigns require the product distributor to provide fast service and a good final impression by the end customer.  We offer all types of storage facility services across central areas throughout Scandinavia. 

International freight services

We are happy to arrange pick-up of goods at your storage facilities or from your suppliers within Europe, and have efficient customs procedures for onward distribution.
We will pick-up wherever you want and deliver it to the agreed location!

Customs clearance

We are very experienced in customs matters and have developed simplified customs clearance solutions, which are a precondition for seamless customs clearance and fast delivery. We use only the latest IT-solutions for customs administration, offering several customs alternatives for you and your ecommerce. 

Delivery alternatives

We deliver the goods directly to the post office counter, to the door, or the customer can opt to collect in-store. We also offer evening deliveries if your customers requires this alternative, with SMS notification in advance.

After customs clearance the goods are forwarded to your customer. We can offer a cash-on-delivery solution so that the addressee pays customs and VAT on receipt of their goods.



To facilitate a smooth operational cooperation we are able to connect via EDI solutions for the majority of systems – which again ensures good quality with the possibility of scanning at all transit points.

Customer service

Ecommerce customers want their goods delivered quickly with a high level of service! When your customers need advice and guidance we offer you the services of our professional customer service team.


If your customer needs to return goods, we accept the return note and organise the return.  We consolidate all returns, so that you only need to receive one shipment at the agreed time.

We are happy to talk about what the future will bring and logistics solutions tailored to you and your online store!
Peter Nygaard Pedersen, Operations Manager Air & Sea in ColliCare Logistics
Peter Nygaard Pedersen
Operations Manager Air & Sea
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