Camilla Sophia Agerfeld Uglebæk-Plum

Camilla Sophia Agerfeld Uglebæk-Plum

Freight Forwarder Air & Sea
Camilla works with air & sea freight and supports the road department. Camilla has been with ColliCare since February 2018.

works with:

Camilla is working in our Air/Sea department, here she serves our customers in an excellent way. Camilla also solve finance related tasks.

previously worked with:

Camilla has work experience from sales, communications and freight forwarding industry.

She has previously worked with freight forwarding and has a bachelor in International Business Communication with specialties in marketing and English

"Camilla is most happy when she solve difficult challenges or gets a new one. Camilla perform at her best when the mood is at its peak in the office"

Core expertise:

  • Planning
  • Communications
  • Customer Service