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Establish a "control tower" for your logistics

= full control and optimized supply chain

Establish a "control tower" for your logistics

= full control and optimized supply chain

What is a control tower?
  • a seamless coordination across departments, countries and suppliers
  • an expert group that manages, drives and further develops the supply chain and product flow for your business
  • a central information center with an overview of all data, to easily address opportunities and risks
  • it identifies all possibilities and synergies to optimize combinations in the flow of goods and reduce cost

How to build a control tower?
  • a control tower should be established and defined as an own operational function
  • logistics experts are pulled in and working in teams with the company’s own key people
  • the team should consist of: 
    • people with background from supply chain and flow of goods,
    • people with background from the transport industry,
    • people with BI competence – improvements in operational work
    • people with 3PL background
    • people with background from IT that can exchange data between the parties
  • outsourcing of control tower functions provides a huge flexibility and access to expert competence at all times
Advantages that "control tower" gives:

1. Planning, resources and routines

2. Revision and reporting

3. Prognoses

4. Implementation

5. Decisions

6. Results

Lars Thomsen, Managing Director Denmark
Lars Thomsen
Managing Director Denmark
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